Where does your donation go?

Credibility is one of the basic pillars upon which the NGO ALBOAN bases its work - a pillar which sustains the legitimacy necessary to publicly denounce situations of injustice, and which supports the trust that in turn allows many people and entities to unite with our organisations. Taking all of this into account, and assuming the responsibility inherent in our work, since ALBOAN’s beginnings we have been clear about choosing to use tools for externally assessing our work. This means we can be held accountable to the citizenry in a transparent way.

Clear accounting

At ALBOAN, we are clear about using tools to externally evaluate our work and in doing so to produce accounts which are transparent to the citizenry.

What was our income during 2017?

Year Number
2017 9.611.516 Euros

Source of funds in 2017

Year Private Public Others
2017 5.221.946 Euros

 3.651.076 Euros

738.494 Euros

Expenditure by department 2017

Department Percentage
Coop. International 76%
Public Campaigning/Participation 13%
Communication 5%
Management 6%

Expenditure on International Cooperation by sector 2017

Sector Percentage
Education 30%
Socio-economic development 18%
Strengthening civil society 18%
Humanitarian support 19%
Gender 15%

Gastos por áreas 2014

Expenditure on International Cooperation by geographical area 2017

Area Percentage
Africa 26%
Asia 27%
Latin America 47%

Gastos por áreas 2015