We are the development cooperation NGO of the Society of Jesus for the Basque Country and Navarre

We work for the construction of a global society that condemns the injustices caused by inequality in the world, builds a culture which promotes the common good and transforms the structures that generate poverty on both a local and global level. To achieve this, we unite a network of people and groups from across the world.

1Our collaboration focuses on the following themes:

  • Good quality education
  • Sustainable and fair economic/production development
  • Humanitarian action during recurring crises
  • Democracy that works in favour of excluded people

2All our activity incorporates three cross-cutting axes:

  • Spirituality as a horizontal dimension in human development.
  • Recognition of the inequalities between men and women and the commitment to gender equality.
  • Citizen participation in social and policy advocacy.


We walk alongside people and organisations from across the world towards a future where human development, a dignified life and justice are the heritage of all humanity.

We help to train a responsible society which is committed to, and inclusive of people and cultures.

The dream that motivates us to move forward during the coming years is that ALBOAN is established, appreciated, recognised, sustainable, exciting and a bridge.

  • Rooted in the Society of Jesus's new unified project through its local and national platforms.
  • Appreciated by the organisations and the social foundation that it joins forces with.
  • Recognised for the value it brings through its support to companies, training and in building a global society.
  • Sustainable, thanks to a committed team and stable and diversified funding.
  • Exciting, because of its proposals and its hopeful message.
  • A bridge between our lifestyle and the front line of dehumanisation.


To us, human development is a process of shared construction in which the style, methods of interacting and ways of doing things are important, as well as the activities and the results themselves.

Constructing a culture for the common good and communities of solidarity therefore begins with our own transformation, both as people and as an organisation. To respond to this challenge, we must cultivate certain fundamental values in particular.

  1. Care of people - the individual is at the centre of the ALBOAN project.
  2. Honesty and transparency - beyond legal obligations and preparing accounts.
  3. Competence and professionalism – a capable and competent team, committed to building a culture for the common good.
  1. Creativity and innovation - Apostamos por soluciones distintas a las empleadas tradicionalmente.
  2. Commitment and coherence - En la construcción de la cultura del bien común.
  3. Joy and celebration of life - as essential components of the culture for the common good that we wish to build.