ALBOAN and Young People at Risk

We work mainly with adolescent and young womens

ALBOAN supports organisations that work with young people at risk of social exclusion in severely deprived urban areas with high levels of violence.

In such contexts, many young people are easy prey for "maras" – organised gangs of juvenile delinquents who destroy their own lives and contribute to reproducing violence around them. Their typical profile is characterised by the following factors:

  • Social and cultural precarity and scarce financial resources.
  • Multiple forms of violence: gangs, family violence, abuse, deprivation and discrimination.
  • Young people with a limited development of their abilities on all levels: lack of early stimulation, scarce financial resources, lack of academic opportunities etc.
  • Dependency on all types of drugs.

Facing a situation with this type of vulnerability, the priority is to give the person confidence that they can integrate in society. We support them in gradually taking control of their own process of development, until they become a source of hope and role models for other young people in their community. We work in the following key areas:

  • Prevention work to avoid them dropping out of education, by involving families, teenagers and young adults in the management of their education centres.
  • Complementary training that helps them build self-esteem, confidence in their future and respect for others.
  • Guidance in searching for employment and integration in the world of work.
  • Leadership training so that they are positively involved in policy as a platform for service, especially for people with greater needs.

Your donations provide hope to many people

Examples of this work include some of the projects carried out by Fe y Alegría in Colombia, Compañía de Jesús in Puente Belice in Guatemala and ERIC-Radio Progreso in Honduras.

"I’m a daughter, woman, worker, public speaker, defender of human rights and a student. But above all, I’m a social fighter who believes that a new reality can be built by everyone”

Nancy Orellana, 24 years old. Honduras