Generating reflection, analysis and critical thought which leads to a global society

ALBOAN is an organisation committed to the construction of a global society that condemns the injustices which cause inequality in the world, builds a culture which promotes the common good and transforms the structures that generate poverty on both a local and global level.

Training Spaces

We need a society that actively participates in constructing a world that looks out for the common good, equality and sustainability. That’s why at ALBOAN we’ve been developing dynamic processes for training, social awareness raising and policy advocacy which are designed to generate reflection, analysis and critical thought amongst the citizenry.


A demobilised society is a disempowered society. At ALBOAN, we understand that to achieve our objectives we need a society which is empowered, mobilised and aware of its crucial role in creating change.


We take advantage of new technologies in our influencing and mobilising work. We believe that the Internet can help get our message out to many more people. We also favour dialogue, communication and organisation amongst all those who walk together in search of a more humane and responsible society.

We plan cyberactivism as a way of supporting our proposals, disseminating our messages and increasing our impact.

We back citizen mobilisation as a tool for appealing to political powers and as a means of applying pressure in the face of injustices.


We understand that there has to be a clear dialogue with our political representatives. We speak out on behalf of many vulnerable people, and our message must reach our representatives who have the power to amend the policies which cause inequality, human suffering and poverty for people and communities.


ALBOAN carries out different studies and research work which is used to develop alternative ways of thinking to dominant models, and to support and rigorously push forward our proposals for influencing and mobilising.

You can consult our studies and research here.