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At ALBOAN, we want volunteers to take part in our work and to construct a participative society together. We want to awaken an interest in all of us to know, understand and share experiences and methodologies with other learners which helps us to construct a dignified and just world for everyone.

Política de voluntariado - Versión corta
Política de Voluntariado - Versión larga

International volunteering

ALBOAN’s proposal for a volunteering experience in the South is set out in the VOLPA programme. VOLPA Loyola (ALBOAN) is a one-year volunteering proposal, extendable to two years.

The Perdo Arrupe Volunteering Network (VOLPE for the Spanish acronym) is made up of

  • Tarraco Catalonia and the Balearic Islands
  • ALBOAN Basque Country and Navarre
  • Entreculturas rest of the country


Which aims to:

  1. Enable journeys of discovery through towns and people coming together.
  2. Generate new values and a dynamic commitment.
  3. Promote the training of people who raise awareness and influence social change.

The programme consists of various stages:

  1. Training of the volunteer during the year prior to leaving.
  2. Sending the volunteer to work for two years in projects in the South. The volunteer generally collaborates with organisations that ALBOAN works with.
  3. Welcoming and sharing the experience of the volunteer upon their return and placement in a solidarity platform in their place of origin.

Potential participants must:

  1. Be older than 21..
  2. Have a sufficient level of psychological and human maturity and be capable of teamwork.
  3. Have a respectful attitude, and be open to dialogue and encounters with other realities and cultures.
  4. Take part in the different phases of the VOLPA process: prior training (1 year), volunteer experience in the South (2 years) and post-volunteering (minimum 6 months).

The destination country will depend on the profile of the interested person and the needs of local organisations. This programme is open to people who live in the Basque Country and Navarre.

ALBOAN will only support people who live in the Basque Country and Navarre and will cover the cost of training and medical insurance. The volunteer will assume the cost of the journey and the welcome organisation will cover accommodation and maintenance.

Office volunteering

Volunteer work and teams of volunteers vary depending on the people available at any given time, their interest and availability and the needs of ALBOAN.

If you want to collaborate with ALBOAN in one of our offices, it's essential that:

  • 1

    You want to work and learn as part of a team

  • 2

    You can give at least two hours a week to collaborate in one of our departments

  • 3

    you take part in training day

ALBOAN provides opportunities to collaborate in all our departments. The following are examples of some of the possible tasks and teams:

  • Fair Trade: sale of fair trade products, product classification and labelling, going to trade fairs and markets and raising awareness of conscious and responsible purchasing.
  • Helping with communication and design tasks: disseminating the ALBOAN image and its work by encouraging other people to join the cause.
  • Street campaigning: taking part in evens, fairs and street campaigns.
  • International Cooperation: project monitoring, preparing summaries and translations.
  • Education: preparing educational materials, taking part in training and awareness-raising talks, supporting groups, etc.
  • Studies and educational proposals: taking part in studies and research and preparing policy advocacy campaigns.
  • Documentation: classifying and organising the library, video library and magazines.

EU Aid Volunteers

EU Aid Volunteers es una iniciativa que reúne además a voluntariado y organizaciones para prestar apoyo práctico a proyectos de ayuda humanitaria de comunidades afectadas por catástrofes.

EU Aid Volunteers es una iniciativa que reúne además a voluntariado y organizaciones para prestar apoyo práctico a proyectos de ayuda humanitaria de comunidades afectadas por catástrofes.

En el marco del Poyecto Xchange: Exchange of good practices and cooperation in humanitarian action to generate engagement, financiado por la UE (EU Aid Volunteers Initiative: capacity building), Alboan junto con otras 16 organizaciones europeas, africanas y latinoamericanas hemos trabajado conjuntamente para el fortalecimiento institucional en el ámbito del voluntariado internacional.

Tras 3 años de ejecución del proyecto, que se vio muy afectado en sus dos primeros años de ejecución por la Pandemia, se ha logrado fortalecer las competencias y habilidades de las organizaciones en la gestión del voluntariado, se han generado redes e intercambio de conocimientos y se han generado investigaciones y documentos de referencia.