Mujeres en marcha

Women on the move

At ALBOAN, we recognise that empowering women has cross-cutting effects on all our work. We’ve been concerned about how to do this ever since the organisation was founded. You’ll find more information and related articles in this blog. 

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blog de toma los datos

Get the info, take to the streets and change decisions!

Citizen mobilisation and participation is one of the cross-cutting axes through ALBOAN’s work to help build a committed, active and responsible society. The material we present below is a methodology for helping and supporting the work of organised groups. Its aim is to facilitate a structure, resources, references and strategies which allow you to help make possible, at a local level, the change that we want in our surroundings on a global level. Bring it to your centre or group!

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Desarrollo alternativo

Alternative development

We need alternatives which enable food security and sustainable means of living for the vulnerable populations that we support in developing countries, as well as social and alternative economic models that put people at their centre. This blog is a space for sharing information, knowledge and experiences amongst those people and organisations which support the building of economic alternatives to the dominant form of development and the adoption of lifestyle habits which are consistent with an inclusive and sustainable development.

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