Steven and Teresa Wedding

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Steven and Teresa’s wedding

For a dignified life in Africa

Steven R. Wohl and Teresa E. Gimeno Chcoarro are getting married and they want to share their joy with those who are not as lucky simply because they were born elsewhere in the world.

That is why they do not want any wedding presents. For them, the best present is your donation to the NGO ALBOAN to support their partner ‘Fe y Alegria’ in their mission: bringing the best education to kids in Africa.

With your support, they are helping to bring education where nobody reaches.

‘Fe y Alegría’ brings high-quality education to the most excluded regions. Some years ago, ‘Fe y Alegría’ spread their project from Latin America to Africa, focusing on the most vulnerable countries:

  • Chad, one of the poorest countries in the world
  • DR of Congo, where they are suffering bloodiest conflict since WWII
  • Madagascar, whose government has claimed incapable of covering the cost of primary education.


The only thing that is more urgent than responding to a humanitarian crisis is to work on a daily basis to fight their origin



Your donation is tax deductible. You can consult all the information here. To request the certificate of tax relief you must provide your name, surnames, NIF (tax identification number) and postal address.