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ALBOAN foundation

ALBOAN foundationAn international cooperation organisation created in 1994. It operates in the Basque Country and Navarra. ALBOAN seeks to unite people, institutions and organisations form the North and the South in order to generate citizenship committed with human development and justice.

For this purpose, it strengthens people and groups through education and training processes, promotes social organisations in their work for social change and carries out advocacy activities in the definition and control of private and public policies that affect justice and human development, both in the North and the South.

Alboan works with around 15 allies of 15 countries in America, Africa and Asia, many of them from their initial founding.

In order to change reality, people have to be trained to build it. This is the goal of the Volunteer and Training area: to generate in the Basque Country and Navarra a more active, critical and solidarity oriented citizenship. This is one of the most important areas of Alboan´s work, since education is a powerful weapon for change.

Alboan also promotes and supports volunteer work, with training, volunteer work experiences, studies and debate.

Alban’s Networking and Political Action area is active in advocacy in cooperation and development policies regarding excluded groups in the countries we operate, both at a local and international level. It is therefore active in national and international networks, participates and promotes political pressure and citizenship awareness campaigns and promotes publications and investigation. Our major fields of actions are: democratic government policies, AOD and financial development and reform of international institutions.


ENTRECULTURAS foundationA Spanish NGO, created in 1985. It is born in the South, within the Fe y Alegría Movement. ENTRECULTURAS promotes education as a development and social transformation tool.

Its main line of work is to support initiatives that promote education for the most disadvantaged populations in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The main counterparts of ENTRECULTURAS in the South are: FE Y ALEGRÍA, present in 16 Latin American countries and the Jesuit Refugee Service, although altogether it collaborates with more than 160 local education institutions.

The activities in Spain are directed towards increasing awareness among the Spanish population of the indispensable role of education for social change. Education and communication campaigns, investigation and public advocacy activities are carried out.

One of the characteristics of ENTRULTURAS is its presence throughout Spain, with more than 25 delegations run by volunteers. Volunteer work is an identity sign of ENTRECULTURAS. There are almost 350 volunteers, dedicated to education support for the most needed, either working in Spain or sharing their lives with people of the South, through the international volunteer framework VOLPA.


Fundaçao GONÇALO DA SILVEIRAThe Fundaçao Gonçalo da Silveira is born under the explicit wish of the Portuguese Father Provincial to create a tool in the Jesuit Province, in order to develop activities with civil society; publications, awareness raising campaigns and fund raising for projects and missionary work activities.

The Fundaçao Gonçalo da Silveira is legally constituted in September 2003 and registered as the Portuguese Province Development NGO in July 2004.

From its foundation in 2003, Gonçalo da Silveira has continued the work of the Portuguese Mission Secretariat, supporting projects and missionaries in Angola, Mozambique and Timor.


JESUITENMISSIONJesuitenmission is the Jesuit Missionary Office (Mission Secretariat) in Germany. “With the world’s poorest population” is its motto, and the poor people, its main worry. The goals are defined by the Mission of the Society of Jesus: the proclamation of faith and Gospel values together with the promotion of justice and option for the poor and the promotion of inter-religious culture and dialogue.

Jesuitenmission has a global contact network with the Jesuit provinces and supports their social, education and pastoral projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Jesuitenmission raises funds in Germany. Raising awareness among the population on the unjust global structures is closely related to fund raising. Jesuitenmission also sends volunteers to work for the poor populations.


LEIGOSA Portuguese catholic NGO, created in 1986. It trains and sends young graduate students with missionary spirit, as volunteers to live in community in Southern countries for periods of time over one, two or more years.

The volunteers join projects related to education, health, social promotion and pastoral activities in Africa, (Angola, Mozambique, St. Tome and Principe) and Asia (Oriental Timor).

LEIGOS PARA O DESENVOLVIMENTO works to achieve a better and more dignified life for the poorest and most disadvantaged communities.

In Portugal, LEIGOS PARA O DESENVOLVIMENTO runs the Centre for Education Support, S. Pedro Claver, which supports the integration of African students and other ethnic minorities, thus contributing to diminishing school failure and preventing social exclusion situations.

They also support raising awareness projects targeted to public opinion.


MAGISChristian inspired and founded in 1988, Magis carries out cooperation activities in favour of developing countries and populations and coordinates the international solidarity activities of the Society of Jesus in the Province of Italy as well as the activities promoted by almost 20 groups and entities that work around MAGIS.

Magis operates in AFRICA, LATIN AMERICA, ASIA and EUROPE. Its area of activity is related to studies and projects with particular attention to education and labour skills training in agriculture and cattle rearing, health, social development, basic education and the use of natural resources.

In Italy, Magis promotes and organises international cooperation and solidarity gatherings, seeking dialogue and business community support. MAGIS activities are published in several magazines.

There are volunteers in the MAGIS Italian offices, with training courses for local volunteers and for those willing to live an experience in the South.